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A Warning about Unsolicited Emailing

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Google, Yahoo, Aol and Outlook have joined forces to crackdown on unsolicited emails. As a result of their efforts to curtail unsolicited emails i.e. spam, they are blacklisting abusers and reporting to the rest of the Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) that you are a spammer and your email messages will be blocked.

The four (4) aforementioned ISP’s control approximately 90% of your customers email addresses. To date, we have 142 cases and counting of agents and title reps domain names being blocked and reported as a spammer.

Consumer Data Leads does not give out email address. As an Internet Service Provider (ISP) we will send our your email campaign for you from our domain, from your name to the end-users inbox 100% guaranteed or your money back.

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Successful real estate agents have systems in place to promote their business to others, do you?

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Agent & Lenders: Increase your marketing reach with UNLIMITED Access to Real Estate Agents Nationwide. CDL E-Marketing Program takes prides on keeping the most accurate up to date list of registered real estate agents. Our nationwide listing of agents allows you to target specific areas that you would like to market to.

Homeowners: Create a customize email list using our nationwide Homeowner database.

Email Geo-Farming: Why email GEO Farming works? 1st it’s cost effective and 2nd GEO Farming involves focusing on one market in which their clients solicit the majority of their business. In doing so, they establish “BRAND IDENTITY‘ in this particular area and develop relationships with those living in the community. Also, using email GEO farming creates neighborhood branding for for your JUST LISTED/JUST SOLD properties!

StayInTouch: The StayInTouch Email Marketing System (SIT) has three (3) primary functions 1. To ensure your campaign messages reach your customers inbox, smartphone or tablet. 2. To capture your new sale leads from any source that sends you a notification via email and responds immediately by sending a custom acknowledgement email designed to create an call or an appointment. 3. To keep you in touch with your entire contact database in a meaningful and effective way.

Use our Free promotional mobile-friendly flyer templates: i.e. Just Listed, Just Sold, Open House etc.