Upload My Flyer/Contact List

Upload My Flyer/Contact List

We require 72-hours advance notice to prepare your E-mail flyer and campaign.

IMPORTANT! Marketing Reps, please include your client’s name and reference flyer title/ subject in the special instructions. Without that information, we cannot match up and prepare reports. Also include target areas and specific dates if you have any. Email Marketing Reports are provided upon request only.

For best results we send out your marketing flyers on Tue – Thur Only. If you want your marketing flyer send out any other type please add that to your Special Instructions.

A Note about Spam Filters: (click on arrow to see more):

Most spam filters block words and phrases such a Mortgage, Sale, Real Estate, Price Reduction, Save Money, Selling, etc. Anything that sounds like you are trying to sell something, typically gets blocked. We don’t have that problem with JPG, because it’s an image not words. Although the Subject Line is also equally crucial to avoid similar words. We typically like to use vanilla generic Subject Lines such as: News Update from John Doe, etc.

How to create your flyer: (click on arrow to see more):

Most image software has the built-in capability to save your flyer in JPG format. There are many ways to Convert a Word Document to JPG. Click Here to view a YouTube video demonstrating a fairly simple way.You want to end up with an email-friendly-size image of no more than 300k maximum, which the average use can download and see in a matter of seconds. Larger files can take a minute or more, which alienates most people.

We highly recommend a single-page flyer, and not multiple pages. Most people become annoyed at large emails or large attachments. A single eye-catching page is best, with a link to your website or a landing page with more information.

We accept single-page flyers in ready to send JPG format only. All e-mail flyers we send out are 800 – 1024 pixels wide at 72 DPI, to accommodate the most common screen sizes and e-mail inbox types.

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Email Marketing Reports are provided upon request only.