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This page contains some of the most frequently asked questions and answers. Of course, if you still have additional questions please feel free to contact us.


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Q: How will I be billed for CDL eMarketing?

A: We accept all major credit cards as payment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card). Your credit card will be automatically billed monthly.

Q: Can I pay with Paypal?

A: No. Presently you can only pay by credit card through the secure CDL eMarketing payment gateway, which is accessible on the ‘Get Started’ menu link on the CDL eMarketing homepage.

Q: How much does CDL eMarketing cost?

A: CDL eMarketing starts at just $29 / month and include the first 5,000 delivered emails per calendar month. You can also see additional pricing plans including yearly options.

Q: What do I get with my subscription?

A: The fee includes all the lists that you may need and includes a certain number of delivered emails per calendar month. The pricing plan options can be viewed here. Moreover CDL eMarketing Includes:

Q: Can I be invoiced for the monthly fee or pay with a check?

A: No. Presently you can only pay by credit card through the secure CDL eMarketing payment gateway, which is accessible on the ‘Get Started’ menu link on the CDL eMarketing homepage.

Q: What will appear on my credit card statement?

A: Your credit card statement will show a charge from “Marketing Live”.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract to use CDL eMarketing?

A: Absolutely not! You are under no obligation to sign a contract or commit to a certain period of time when signing up for CDL eMarketing. However, it is a subscription and if you select the monthly billing option you will need to send us a cancellation request via email when you would like to terminate your account. And we also require you to sign our Terms of Service form. But you are not committed to any kind of term contract.

Q: Where do you get your email lists from?

A: Our lists are accurate and compiled from a variety of sources like Real Estate Boards and Department of Real Estate.

Q: Can I use my own email list?

A: Yes, we can import your own list.

Q: Do you provide lists of home buyers or sellers?

A: Yes, we have many different kinds of lists available for purchase.

Q: How many lists can I create?

A: You may create an unlimited number of lists. In order to fully organize your contacts you may need to create many separate lists, each containing subscribers. You can create a different list for each flyer, for each interest group, or for each demographic that you wish to reach.

Q: Do you charge per email or per subscriber?

A: We charge a flat fee and an additional charge for each delivered email over your calendar monthly allowance. The basic account is $29.00 per month with no set-up fee and there is no contract, so you may cancel anytime.

The fees include all the lists that you may need and includes delivery of 4,000 emails per month.

Q: Do you have HTML templates customers can use?

A: Yes, we have several templates for your selection and are constantly adding more. We make it very simple to use and edit the templates with our built-in HTML editor. We can also create a custom HTML template for a nominal rate.

Q: Is CDL eMarketing on any blacklists?

A: No. Many of our competitors are on as many as nineteen major blacklists, meaning many of the emails sent out on their system simply do not get through. CDL eMarketing, in comparison, is NOT on any blacklists. We have built solid relationships and established feedback loops with all the major ISPs. We take spam very seriously and as such have been able to stay off blacklists, making sure your emails arrive in the inbox every time.

Q: Does CDL eMarketing have bounce back handling and how does it work?

A: Yes, CDL eMarketing has full bounce back handling. Many times, a server or email address could go down for a few minutes, causing a message that normally goes through to bounce. If your service then removes that subscriber, you’ve lost a good prospect. To avoid this, we will only remove a subscriber from your list after three bounces have occurred. This system eliminates the false deletions that occur with many of our competitors’ bounce back handling systems.

Q: How long will it take for my email to be delivered?

A: Your e-mails can be delivered as quickly as 500 every 15 minutes.

Q: What is considered spam?

A: Spam is defined as unsolicited mass email to persons with whom you do not have a business relationship and have not requested (opted-in to) your mailing. CDL eMarketing is intended for marketers who have an established list of permission-based opt-in email addresses. We provide our product only to those who follow our strict anti-spam policy. One may not send email to purchased lists using our system. Please read our Anti-Spam Policy.

Q: What does it mean that CDL eMarketing is opt-out enforced?

A: Every email sent through CDL eMarketing contains a mandatory remove link at the bottom of the message. A subscriber may simply remove their email address permanently from a list by clicking the link and selecting the ‘unsubscribe’ function. The remove link may not be disabled by any user, thus every recipient of an email from the CDL eMarketing system may easily and quickly opt to no longer receive emails from a list. Email addresses placed on your ‘remove list’ may not be added to your list again.

Q: What are the advantages of web-based software?

A: Email list management software can either be web-based software such as CDL eMarketing or desktop based software that you download and install on your PC. With web-based software, all the sending and database management is done on the server side, meaning you will not have to spend time waiting for your larger campaigns to finish sending before you can use your computer again. With CDL eMarketing, you press ‘Finish’ and you will be done within seconds. You can close your browser and move on to other work. Meanwhile, your campaign begins right away and will be fully sent in a matter of minutes. Another advantage of web-based software is that you can pay a low monthly charge instead of paying a much larger charge up-front for the software.

Q: Are my email names secure?

A: The names that you enter into CampaignPro and those entered by your customers from your web site are fully yours. You maintain full ownership at all times. We have developed a highly secure, 128-bit encryption system housed in a secure data facility protected by a firewall to prevent unauthorized access to the data. Furthermore, we will NEVER share, give, exchange, sell, rent out, use, or copy your lists.

Q: Can I use my company logo in my HTML mailings?

A: Yes, you have full control over the look and contents of your emails. You may place your company logo and pictures of products, and any other images or graphics in your HTML emails. You can use our Microsoft Word style editor to easily create your newsletter without any knowledge of HTML.

Q: Does CDL eMarketing provide sample flyers?

A: Yes, but you are not limited to these. You can design your own real estate email flyers or have someone design them for you. CDL eMarketing provides a growing range of templates for different uses like Open House Invitations, Recruiting Flyers, Mortgage Flyers, Postcards, Just Listed Notices, House of Day, Agent Profiles, Real Estate Newsletters, and more!

Q: Will I receive bounced return e-mails from (newly) invalid addresses?

A: No! This is where CDL eMarketing saves you time and removes the huge headache of hundreds of undelivered e-mails bouncing back and clogging your inbox. CDL eMarketing automatically flags invalid e-mail addresses (so-called ‘hard bounces’) so that they are excluded from future mailings. So-called ‘soft bounces’ (addresses that are temporarily unavailable), go through a series of checks before they become a ‘hard bounce’. E-mail addresses are being checked for validity on a continual basis.

Q: Do you CC or BCC the email to multiple recipients?

A: No, when sending, each email is addressed and sent individually. This is much more effective. When people see a single stock phrase in the “To” field of the received e-mail, they usually associate it with spam.

Q: Can I personalize the e-mails or use different subject lines?

A: Yes, you can use personalization with our built in mail merge feature. This allows you to send emails out with the recipient’s first name.

Q: How do I know if e-mails that I sent out were actually opened?

A: CDL eMarketing provides statistics of sent email and reports the percentage of e-mails that could be confirmed opened per campaign, as well as how many were sent, delivered and how many website click-throughs were generated.

Q: Can I download the CDL eMarketing program and install it?

A: No, CDL eMarketing is a hosted application, like Hotmail. It is used online by logging in with a username (e-mail address) and password.

Q: What software do I need to use CDL eMarketing?

A: CDL eMarketing actively supports Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari on both PC or Mac computers.

Q: Can I use my MS Publisher files with CDL eMarketing?

A: Yes, In fact our system is completely compatible with any flyer creation program that you may be using like MS Publisher or Photoshop Just save your existing flyer as a JPEG image and upload into our system. This gives you complete control of your marketing message.

Q: How long does it take to get my account setup?

A: Usually the same day, but we sometimes require up to 1 business day to process your order payment and setup your account.

Q: Will CDL eMarketing work on an Apple Macintosh computer?

A: Yes, CDL eMarketing supports Apple Macintosh computers running Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

Q: Is there training available?

A: Yes! We are here to help, starting from the day you sign up for your account.

Q: Compare Email Services

Did you know … the three (3) major difference between us and other Email Programs. 1. CDL E-Marketing Program will deliver your mobile-friendly flyer to the end-user’s INBOX – ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE TIME or you get your money back. 2. Utilize 100% our marketing list. 3. We do all the work for YOU!
Please review delivery ratios below for several top email programs:
Company Industry Delivery Ratio Money Back Promise

CDL Email Marketing 100.0 % Yes
Google Hosting 52.2 % No
Constant Contact Email Marketing 64.2 % No
Microsoft Microsoft.com 51.3 % No
GoDaddy Hosting 66.5 % No
LinkedIn Social Network 78.8 % No
Experian Email Marketing 67.1 % No
MailChimp Email Marketing 71.1 % No
Yahoo Email Marketing 59.4 % No
AOL Email Marketing 63.1 % No

Click Here to Read more:

Last year, prior to the recent Goggle changes, we compared the delivery ratio between various email senders and the results below are eye-opening. We used the term “delivery rate” instead of the more commonly used term “message accepted rate”. The analysis below is accurate; however, we will follow up with a more comprehensive analysis that reveals the new Goggle changes the proportion of messages that are accepted/bounced after the initial phase of rejection such as IP rate limiting and recipient checks. We analyzed millions of inbound email delivery attempts by looking up the abuse contact information on each connecting IP address in the Abusix abuse contact database. No surprise why Google is on a NO SPAM rampage; this survey implies that a good proportion of the email sent from the various senders below to their users is unwanted – i.e. – SPAM!.

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