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This isn’t an email: it’s a “me-mail,” a personal message from you to your customers, reaching them where they are: their inbox-smartphone-tablet.

It is a fact that 78% of past clients will refer and/or do business with you again if you just stay in touch!
Automatic Lead Capture simply by forwarding us an email We will scan and capture your Lead information and automatically add it directly to your Contact List and email campaigns for you. Simply send yourself a test message below:
You don’t have to take our word for it: you can test our system yourself right now! Just enter your contact information into the boxes for that campaign below, and click “Email me!” Within 60 seconds, you should have a copy of the message in your inbox, smart phone or tablet.

Additional Types of Campaigns Available:

Agents to Homeowners (Buyers)
Agents to Homeowners (Sellers)
Agents to Past Clients (Generic)
Lender to Homeowner (Past Clients)
Lender to Homeowner (Prospects)
Holiday Campaigns
Generic lifehack and tips
Family Campaigns